'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Corey Dissing Leah's New Man Was a Low Blow

Teen Mom 2Teen Mom 2 never fails to bring the drama. Things also move quickly in the Teen Mom 2 world. Miss an episode and everything changes!

Tonight was like the night of 1,000 moves. Between Jenelle getting in a huge fight with her roommate and having the roommate move out (big shock), Chelsea deciding she wants a new place, Leah moving in with Jeremy, AND Kailyn making her big move, every single girl on the show changed their living situation.

Having just moved 600 miles myself, I can officially say that moving with children is no small thing. More power to them. But instability in your early 20s is probably one of the biggest reasons to wait to have children. When I was 20, I moved multiple times every single year. I can't even imagine having a baby then. But I digress.


Chelsea has recovered enough from the death of Frankie last week (her dog that was attacked by the neighbor's dog) to get a new dog this week. This is why she decided to move. She needs a fenced-in yard for the dog. But the conversation that ensued with her father was positively infuriating. It went something like this:

"Daddy, can you co-sign for my apartment? But I am 20! You can't tell me who to live with!"

Sorry, Chelsea. That isn't how it works. You are 20, but you still can't get your own place without your father's help.

This, of course, was also the night of immaturity. Corey made some low blows at Leah regarding her relationship with Jeremy. "He must have something good," Corey told her. Not only is that an inappropriate comment (did he mean that sexually? Because I took it that way), it's also just immature.

So your relationship didn't work out? That isn't an excuse to bad mouth your ex's new flame. That isn't an excuse for insults and immature comments. Sorry. It's not. End of discussion. Is Leah moving too fast? Maybe. But that is her mistake to make. Corey has had his chance and he chose not to take it. So how is insulting her fair?

In his defense, he realized it quickly, but still. Of course, Corey's immaturity was nothing compared to Jenelle's. That fight over the hoodie? PURE insanity. Grow UP. You have a child, Jenelle.

Ending a friendship like that just seems so wrong. It may not all be Jenelle's fault. But there is no doubt that she was at fault for how badly things went at the move-out. Has she ever heard of apologizing and moving on?

It's just sad.

Do you think Jenelle was acting immature about the move?


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