'Kourtney & Kim Take Miami' Premiere Recap: Scott Disick May Redeem Himself in Miami

Kourtney and Kim KardashianIt's been awhile, but finally the Kardashians are back to spice up our Sunday nights again. Tonight was part one of the two-part premiere of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami," and it was packed full of drama ... and random shots of women's asses in bikinis. 

One of the big story lines about Kim's gift from Kanye West -- her kitten Mercy -- was hard to watch, knowing that the cat died in December. But still it gave us the smallest glimpse of Kim's maternal instincts. Okay, not the part where she lost the cat, but the fact that she got over her squeamishness about yucky things to clean poop from Mercy's butt. That she carried the cat around Miami was a bit weird though.

Khloe was there in Miami as well, and she and Lamar are hotelling it while their house there is being renovated. She said she'll be flying in and out a lot as she focuses on Lamar and her "fertility stuff". She also seemed pretty obsessed with Kim's divorce from Kris Humphries.


She just didn't seem to think that Kim was upset enough that their divorce was taking this long, and she was worried that she wasn't talking about it, even calling her a "bottler". Kim seemed resigned to it being what it is.

"I’m annoyed about it but I've taken it to a level where I’m like I just can’t stress about this,” Kim told Khloe. And honestly, it's really out of her hands, so why bother. But Khloe wouldn't let it go, even calling Kim's BFF Jonathan Cheban to confront her about it. Finally, Kim had enough and told Khloe:

I don’t know why you think I have to be so mad about this [divorce]… I have cried about this for months and months and months. At some point, I have to let it go.

Khloe finally agreed to drop it ... on one condition. Kim had to break a bunch of plates and scream. I'm not sure if it helped anyone, but they sure had a lot of fun getting wasted later that night.

Meanwhile, Kourtney had pretty much banned her baby daddy, Scott Disick, from Miami, saying it was a dark place for them and she didn't want him there. I get it, and I've never been a fan of his. But, if she is going to stay with him, it's kind of crazy to ban him from entire cities, especially when she's there with their kids and needs his help.

Kim ended up calling him and telling him to come, and Kourt greeted him with less-than-open arms. But he proved that he's there for the right reasons ... at least for the first week. He helped with the kids, didn't go out, and even drove drunko Kim and Khloe out for pizza late at night without imbibing. 

Kourtney rewarded him by having his Rolls Royce transported out to Miami, and that was all he needed to get his groove on. He shaved his facial hair, shed the sweats, and dapper-ed himself on up. "Lord Disick is back," he declared. Let's just hope he doesn't get back too far to his old ways.

Do you think Scott Disick can behave himself in Miami this time?


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