'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Ex Kieffer Delp Has Some Nasty Things to Say About Her Pregnancy

jenelle evansTeen Mom Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her second child and everyone's got an opinion about it. The reality star has had her fair share of drama -- she's been in fights, she's gone to rehab, she doesn't have custody of her first child, and she's been accused of being a heroin addict -- so it's no surprise that people are weighing in on the matter. Not the least of whom is Jenelle's winner of an ex-boyfriend, Kieffer Delp. The dude took to Twitter to share his feelings on Jenelle's pregnancy and, uh, I hope foul language doesn't bother you because his feelings are rife with profanity.


Kieffer tweeted:

Uh yea so I guess she bitch is prego and I am searchin for a fuck to give n I can’t find one so keep it off my wall please thanks :)

He went on to say, “I hope they let her take him or her home from the hospital," implying that the doctors may have to keep Jenelle and Courtland's child because they are alleged drug users.

Ouch, right?

Jenelle's not necessarily a sympathetic young lady and I find it hard to really feel for her, but come on, no one deserves this kind of vitriol from their ex.

Actually, Kieffer's plan to cut down is ex may have backfired. His comments did a great job proving that Jenelle made a great decision by leaving him.

Only time will tell if her new husband Courtland Rogers will turn out to be an upstanding guy or not, but still, it's hard to believe anyone could be worse than this Kieffer person.

I'm sure as Jenelle's pregnancy develops there will be a never-ending stream of drama -- I do hope, though (for her sake and for ours) that this is the last we hear from Mr. Delp on the matter.

What do you think?


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