'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Shares Baby's Name & Gender -- At 6 Weeks?

Jenelle EvansReady for some more Jenelle Evans pregnancy news? The Teen Mom already has a baby name picked out. Yup, just one name. She's only just started her pregnancy, but Jenelle Evans says she already knows what she's having!

But wait a second; husband Courtland Rogers only just shared her six-week sonogram. How could she already know the gender of her baby? Believe it or not, I'm buying what Jenelle and her hubs are selling here.


Courtland told Radar magazine:

Jenelle says she feels really different this time being pregnant so she thinks she’s having a girl ... Jenelle has morning sickness, back pain and muscle pain all the time.

So Jenelle just feels that she's having a girl? Yes, it's way too early to tell, and there's no way she should pin her hopes and dreams on something so unscientific, but even the Jenelle haters need to quiet down on this one.

She might be right.

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The Teen Mom 2 star is right there with hundreds of thousands of moms who will say they just "felt" that the baby in their belly was one gender or the other.  Sometimes it's based on how they're carrying, sometimes it's the baby's heartbeat, and sometimes it's just something in your guts that you can't shake. My daughter crossed her legs during our sonogram, denying us a look-see at her girly parts, but still, I spent my pregnancy sure that I would be having a girl.

Unlike Jenelle, I didn't voice it (I thought people would think I was nuts), and we chose a boy name just in case.

She and Courtland, on the other hand, are thinking about naming their would-be daughter Audriana. Hopefully they have a boy name in there too, but then again, they might not need it.

What do you think? Is Jenelle crazy for already talking about having a girl when she's just over 6 weeks pregnant?


Image via MTV

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