Is 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Faking a Pregnancy for Money?

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans' new husband Courtland Rogers just sold a story to the tabloids saying the Teen Mom is pregnant, and already people are calling BS. Thanks in no small part to a trove of information Jenelle herself has put out on Twitter, there's already a contingent of the scandal-plagued reality star's critics who claim she's faking the whole thing

It's a pretty serious accusation! So, would she? Could she? Let's take a look at the so-called evidence, shall we?


1. She's too broke to be pregnant -- Not that it's stopped people before, but just this week Jenelle was telling people she has put off college because she is trying to be responsible and pay off her debts. Having a child when you can barely pay your bills hardly fits into the responsible category, does it? But it does make you look for creative ways to make money ...

2. She just got a tattoo -- Jenelle shared images of a new skull tat the other day. It's not impossible to get inked when you're pregnant, but doctors tend to advise you wait until after you've delivered.

3. Courtland said she wasn't pregnant last week -- The story the couple was likely paid for came out today, but on January 11, Courtland denied that Jenelle was pregnant and that she was on the pill. Maybe he was just trying to save the deal with the magazine, but clearly he lied at some point -- the question is when.

4. Jenelle herself said she wasn't pregnant -- Back on January 5, she was asked, and the answer was no. Hmmm.

5. She's got ovarian cysts -- Less than a month ago Jenelle was complaining about all the pain from her ovarian cysts. It's not impossible to get pregnant when you have these, but they are definitively linked to infertility.

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6. She said she wasn't having more kids -- Right around Christmas, Jenelle was asked if she was having more kids, and she said not anytime soon. Maybe she didn't know yet. Then again ...

7. Her "due date" is September 4 -- According to the math, that's nearly nine months away. It's awfully early to announce a pregnancy.

8. Courtland's birthday surprise was supposed to come today -- He had a birthday last week, but Jenelle alluded to a surprise expected to come today. A big check from a tabloid, perhaps?

Of course, this is all conjecture, and the people making these accusations don't like Jenelle to begin with -- they have a motive to be pretty mean. Making up a pregnancy would be pretty darn crazy, and there are plenty of reasons to believe she IS expecting baby number two.

So what do you think? Is Jenelle really pregnant?


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