'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell Is Having a Meltdown About Her Wedding

catelynn lowell in wedding dressLast we heard from Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell, she was feelin' amazing about her pre-wedding weight loss and feeling incredibly excited about her impending walk down the aisle to marry fiance Tyler Baltierra in July. But now it seems like the reality star isn't necessarily as happy a bride-to-be as we thought. At least not at the moment. 

She took to Twitter yesterday to vent about the anxiety she's been suffering from, writing, "Seriously feel like I'm going crazy! Think its stemming from my wedding planing [sic]. Been crying 4 days, can't eat, I just don't kno what 2 do. ... I just don't know what to do anymore!!! Feel like its never going to go away." Oh, this poor girl. Do I feel her pain or what!


One thing I've learned over the past 10 months that I've been engaged? Wedding planning is NOT all its cracked up to be. It can be a totally harrowing experience. For some reason, the minute you get a ring on it, anyone remotely connected to you and your fiance could morph into a completely different person to push their own agenda. Claws come out. Fights commence. And yes, tears stream.

And no, it's not a sign that things aren't meant to be or aren't going to ultimately work their way out. I swear, any bride who'll tell you her wedding planning process was 100 percent stress-free, so much fun, so easy, she had a blast ... is LYING through her pearly whites.

As for Catelynn, we know she's been probably putting a lot of pressure on herself to pare a few extra pounds for her Big Day. That can be stressful in itself. So when you add in other details like placecards, invites, whether cousin Mary and brother-in-law Bob are going to be happy with the hotel room block offerings, blah blah blah ... it's enough to make any bride tweet a freaked-out storm.

I've only got two words for the former MTV star: Deep breaths, honey. Deep breaths. And oh yeah, de-stress by hitting the gym. It really helps!

How did you handle any pre-wedding stress or anxiety?


Image via MTV

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