What Brandi Glanville Said About Adrienne Maloof Isn't as Bad as What Adrienne Is Saying About Herself

Adrienne MaloofIt's been several weeks now since Brandi Glanville dropped the big bombshell about Adrienne Maloof on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. What exactly did she say, you want to know? Well, join the club, because so far Bravo nor anyone else is saying a single un-bleeped word.

Oh we're pretty sure it's the whole surrogate thing. And if that's the case, then it's crazy that Paul and Adrienne would make THIS big of  deal out of it. I can see getting offended if a friend blurted out something that personal you had wanted to keep private, but there's no shame in using a surrogate. And to threaten to sue Brandi -- who is already struggling financially -- well, that certainly says a lot about Adrienne -- and none of it is good. As Lisa Vanderpump astutely pointed out -- what happened to Adrienne's motto that friends don't sue friends?


No matter how bad whatever it is Brandi said may have made Paul and Adrienne look, I don't think it could come close to how bad they're making themselves look in the aftermath. Their reaction makes our brains start spinning to all sorts of ugly places. If it wasn't the surrogate thing, what other big, deep, dark secrets do they have? If they're reacting this strongly then it must be something juicy right? 

Also what did they do to make Brandi so mad in the first place? Girlfriend has a temper for sure, but it's usually only when she's provoked. So that also plants plenty of suspect seeds in our minds as to what kind of people they really are.

If only Paul and Adrienne had just walked away after Brandi's remarks, or otherwise handled the situation calmly, we'd probably all be on their side, asking how the hell Brandi could betray a trust like that. But because they've been so nasty and relentless, they've pushed pretty much everyone on over to Team Brandi and done more damage to their own reputations than she ever could have.

Do you think Adrienne and Paul's reaction to Brandi's bombshell has made them look worse than anything Brandi could have said?


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