Robert Pattinson Plays 'Bachelor' With Tina Fey & Gives Her a Rose After the Golden Globes

robert pattinsonIt's the love match that should have been: Robert Pattinson and... Tina Fey?!? Oh, the shenanigans of those celebs at the post Golden Globes parties. Apparently while he was waiting for his "real" (wink, wink) lady love Kristen Stewart to show up, RPatz handed Tina Fey a red rose, Bachelor-style, at a party at Hollywood's SoHo House.

Now there's a party we all wish we could have joined. Some of our favorite people, Robert, Tina, Amy Poehler, all hanging out and joking around with each other. Oh to be a -- do they have flies in Hollywood? -- fly on those walls. La-di-da! Okay, but seriously. When are Robert and Tina getting married? Because I definitely want to get on that invitation list. I just knew those two would hit it off!


Oh, I can dream, can't I? In a weird way, there's just something about RPatz + TFey = TruLuv4Eva that just makes sense. And yet, it will never be. Nor the absurd notion of Robert Pattinson becoming the next Bachelor. (No, not absurd at all. Please do it, ABC execs. Please?!?)

I'm sure if Kristen had walked in right at rose ceremony moment she would have laughed, too. Because laughing is kind of Kristen's thing. Have you noticed?

Anyway. Later on that night Aziz Ansari tried to feed Robert Pattinson some macaroni and cheese and I'm sure that's funny because... oh whatever, I guess you would have to have been there. Not that I was. Geez, adult life really is just like high school. How 'come I never get invited to these awesome parties with the cool kids?!?

What do you think -- should Robert Pattinson be the next Bachelor?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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