‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Takes a Big Step in Her New Relationship

Maci Bookout and Taylor, her boyfriendWhen you're in a new relationship, there are so many things that are super exciting. Your first kiss. Your first big date. Meeting his friends. Meeting his mom. And of course, the time that you confirm to the world that, yes, he is your boyfriend, and he returns the sentiment. Teen Mom Maci Bookout knows all about that tingly, excited feeling. She and her new flame Taylor made it Twitter official last weekend. In a joking exchange, Maci told Taylor to tell her she's "the best girlfriend ever," and he replied, "Alright. Your good." (Spelling mistake included.)

Awwww. Young love over the Interwebs. Yeah yeah, this Twitter confirmation may be a little lame, but it's still gotta be a big deal for her. Telling the whole world that you're with one guy and one guy only -- it can be scary at first. 


This is how I think of it: Suddenly if something goes wrong, it just feels like a bigger deal. Without the title, "failing" doesn't feel as ... epic. With it, though, it's an official breakup just like it's an "official" title. You can call me lame or just seriously scared of commitment, but generally that's exactly why it takes a long time for me personally to really pledge myself to someone and put that kind of label on it.

I guess, like many women, it's just me being cautious. Women, well, we wanna make sure our hearts are in good hands. Ask my current boyfriend, for example. We dated for more than three months before labeling what we were doing. And you know what? I'm thankful he gave me the time I needed to figure things out for myself, for us to work through our own issues, and I appreciate him that much more for believing it was good all along.

Maci seems genuinely happy, though. It seems like this Taylor character is a good guy. And as long as she keeps posting smiling shots like this one, I'll root for Team Taylor over Team Ryan any day.

Do you think "making it official" is a big step? Have you ever been in that foggy area between "dating" and commitment?


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