'Bachelor' Recap: Sean Lowe Is Already Falling for More Than One Woman

Sean Lowe The Bachelor

I won't lie, considering how big of a Bachelor fan I am, tonight's episode was just a teensy bit of a letdown. And I'll tell you why.

There wasn't enough drama. There weren't enough tears. And there totally wasn't enough spit swapping. When Sean Lowe did take the plunge and plant a smooch on a few of the ladies, it was seriously one step below the kind of church kiss you'd expect during a super religious wedding. (Zzzzzzz ...)

Seriously -- did this dude not pay attention to anything Arie Luyendyk, Jr. taught him about how to properly make out with a woman? (What a waste of perfectly amazeballs kissing techniques.)


For whatever reason, Sean seemed a little bit hesitant tonight to let his guard down and get lost in the moment, and I think I have a pretty decent idea as to why he held back in the romance department.

It's because Sean Lowe is one of the first bachelors in the history of the show who actually wants to wind up finding his "best friend," a.k.a. his future wife. He really, really wants to end up with "the one" at the end of his season -- and the only problem is he doesn't seem to have a clue what (or who) that is. To put it simply -- he loves everybody.

First, he had his one-on-one date with Sarah. They jumped off a building, had a champagne toast, and shared a kiss -- if you can call it that. (It was sweet. Meh.)

And then there was the whole Harlequin photo shoot thing on the group date. Sean definitely got a bit up close and personal with Lesley and Kristy, and he seemed to be kinda into both of them.

But then there's the one-on-one date he had with Desiree. He loved how cool she was about the whole art gallery prank thing (which was beyond lame), and he didn't seem too disappointed with her bangin' bikini body either. And I may be going out on a limb here, but there's a slight possibility he actually slipped her the tongue in the pool (though I can't say for sure).

And that brings us to the cocktail party right before the rose ceremony. Seriously, Sean had something good to say about every girl he chatted with that evening, almost to the point that all the women seem to be a perfect match for him -- as long as their parents are still happily married, of course. (But he has to start strongly swaying towards one girl eventually, right?)

Yep. So far Sean seems to be falling for everyone, but he's in love with no one. Though if he's lucky, he may come out of this whole deal with 20-plus best friends, which seems to be his top priority in the first place. (Winning?)

Do you think there is a front runner yet?


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