Taylor Swift Gives Adele's Golden Globes Win the Stink Eye (VIDEO)

taylor swiftYou know, I love it when women support each other. I really felt like that was a theme of the Golden Globes last night -- thanks to Tina and Amy, especially. Yay, us! We're awesome! And when Adele won Best Original Song for "Skyfall" (of course she won, that song was everything), we were all so happy for her. Er, well, all of us except Taylor Swift.

I don't know, maybe she's still in a bad mood from breaking up with Harry Styles, maybe she was drinking whatever grumpy Tommy Lee Jones was drinking. But while Adele gave her acceptance speech, Taylor Swift gave the stink eye. I mean, it's stink eye semi-disguised as a smile. But it's still stink eye, especially when you see it in motion.


Right?!? Not very gracious! Taylor, after getting Kanyed, and then getting Olivia Munned at the People's Choice awards (what was that, anyway?), surely you can appreciate the art of generously applauding someone else's win without qualification. It's what the professionals do. No, you don't really have to be glad for Adele. Sure, you can be inwardly disappointed. But showing it is just immature.

I don't know, maybe it was just her heavy makeup that made Taylor look like she's smirking more than smiling. She couldn't possibly be that surprised that Adele's song would beat hers. It's ADELE. She's kind of undeniable. Adelewinstheend! This story was never going to end any other way. Taylor had weeks to practice smiling and clapping for her like she means it.

And Adele is so cute when she wins, too. She acts like she totally didn't even expect to win (oh PLEASE, she knew she had it locked up!) but we love it anyway. Because everyone loves it when the winner is all "gosh golly, you guys are so nice for giving me this award I totally do not deserve!" And so Adele's adorable aw-shucks speech just made Taylor's bitchface all the worse. Taylor, next time, maybe go easier on the false eyelashes and heavier on the happy-for-you grin; your fans will love you for it.

Do you think Taylor really resented Adele's win, or was it just an unfortunately timed shot?


Image via Us Weekly

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