'Walking Dead' Super Bowl Ad Shows Our Favorite Things: Zombies & Daryl (PHOTOS)

Walking Dead Super BowlHow excited are you for February 3rd, you guys? Man, I am so stoked for the Super Bowl this year! There's going to be a pile of corpses all lined up in a disturbing manner, a bunch of bodies with carefully-aimed headshots from a crossbow, and -- oh, yeah, sorry, I'm not talking about the football game. I'm talking about the fact that there's going to be a commercial for The Walking Dead during the Super Bowl, and based on the photos actor Norman Reedus has shared, it looks -- well, it looks about as family friendly as Janet Jackson's surprise 2004 nipple appearance, which is to say, HELL TO THE YES ON THIS AD.

In other words, Walking Dead fans, even if you you hate football (welcome to the club! We can have nachos whenever we want), you're going to want to keep an eye out on Super Bowl Sunday for this particular ad. Because not only will it feature zombies, it's starring the hottest redneck of the apocalypse: DARYL DIXON.


So if you're wondering whether or not AMC actually ponied up the going price for a Super Bowl spot ($4 million for 30 seconds, thank you very much), the answer's no -- the ad is actually for Time Warner Cable as part of their “Enjoy Better” campaign. Based on the ad Time Warner ran last year, the zombie mayhem will just be part of a larger spot meant to highlight the company's brand (which includes cable TV, obviously, but also broadband, apps, on-demand channels, and other services).

The good news is that The Walking Dead gets to take advantage of all those avid Super Bowl eyeballs without spending a shitload of money to promote the show. The bummer news is that we likely won't get a nice juicy teaser for the show's Feb. 10 midseason premiere.

But let's focus on the positive: DARYL. Daryl doing what he does best, if these photos he posted from his Instagram account are any indication:

Now here's the interesting question: since all commercials must be family friendly according to Super Bowl advertising regulations (because those GoDaddy girls sure do look "family friendly," right?), how creepy can they make these scenes? I'm guessing they'll take a humorous approach rather than full-on scary, and that while the zombies will look good -- showing off the show's crackerjack FX team -- Daryl will end up dropping some sort of one-liner. Or maybe he'll save a character from another well-known show, sort of like the way they combined Weeds and Walking Dead in last year's ad:

Either way, it'll be interesting to see what they come up with! Thank god for the Internet, so those of us who don't care about the actual game can just sit back and watch all those million-dollar ad campaigns online once they've aired.

What sort of Walking Dead reference do you think we'll see in this year's Time Warner Super Bowl ad? Do you think it'll be legitimately scary at all?

Image via Norman Reedus' Instagram account (OMG Norman Reedus has an Instagram account!!!!)

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