'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Chelsea's Dog Was Murdered, Plain & Simple

Chelsea Teen Mom 2Tonight was an incredibly sad episode of Teen Mom 2. The situation with Chelsea's dog's murder was just a tragedy, and Kailyn's mother's mistreatment of her only daughter is unbelievably sad. This show just keeps on keeping on with the heartbreak, doesn't it?

It was also moving day for both Leah and Jenelle. So, as usual, the bad and heartbreak are always tempered by the hope for the future.

Jenelle got a house with her friend Amber, which gives some hope that she will get things together and actually end up in a good place. Of course, if you follow the tabloids, you know otherwise. Sigh. Oh and also, Jenelle quit school. The good and the bad, together again.


Jenelle lost a lot of money paying for classes she ultimately dropped. What a waste. What a sad, sad waste. Memo to Jenelle: We all have personal problems that must be balanced with our work. That, my friend, is called real life.

Leah also found a place where the girls can run around and enjoy themselves. Things are looking up for Leah. 

Of course, the happy news was tempered by the incredibly sad news for Chelsea and the heartbreak of Kailyn's mother's continued snubs and cruelty.

I mean, seriously, what is WRONG with Kailyn's mom? She shows up to see Isaac after a year of not being involved? She BLOCKED Kailyn's number from her phone? Life is short. Way too short, in fact. Even if you hate your daughter, you don't hang up on her. You don't block her number.

Jo was in an impossible situation when Kailyn's mother showed up on his doorstep. He wouldn't stop Isaac's grandmother from seeing the baby. For good reasons. He believes in family and wants to see Kailyn patch things up with her mother. But it isn't his place to make that happen. Even more, Kailyn is right. It IS confusing to Isaac to have his grandmother flit in and out of his life. Kailyn and her mother do need to make up. But they won't do it by her mom forcing her into a corner or forcing her way into Isaac's life. It's just wrong.

Tonight, Chelsea had by far the saddest story. Her dog Frankie was killed by the next door neighbor's dog. It was an unbelievably sad thing and Chelsea was heartbroken.

Sadly, there isn't much to say about it. It's just a good thing it wasn't Aubree out there. That neighbor has a hell of a lot to answer for. Sure, Frankie should have been on a leash. But dogs get out. It happens. A vicious dog isn't safe for smaller pets OR for babies. They were in the wrong.

Do you think Chelsea did something wrong with her dogs?


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