'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Is Worth HOW MUCH?

Jenelle EvansShut the front door! There's a new report out on the net worth of some of the biggest reality stars, and Jenelle Evans made the list. And just like most things in her life, the assets of the Teen Mom are absolutely shocking!

Would you believe she has less in the bank than any of her Teen Mom 2 costars? And by less I mean Jenelle is worth five times less than Leah Messer Calvert?


According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jenelle is worth -- get this -- just $10,000. Compare that to Leah, who is said to be worth $50,000, and that's a huge disparity!

And what about that MTV salary these girls are supposed to be bringing in? Last year we heard that Jenelle made $75,000 a year.

And yet, I'm inclined to believe this one.

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Watch Teen Mom, and how many times do you see Jenelle struggle with money? She's stolen her mom's credit card to pay for a trip with Kieffer. She's lived in her car at times when her mom has kicked her out. She's worried that her run-ins with the law will jeopardize her financial aid. And during an exclusive chat with The Stir, she even made a big point to tell us that she's working several online jobs these days.

Between paying her mom child support for Jace, her extensive legal bills, and living expenses (hey, front row Ke$ha tickets aren't free!), Jenelle could be blowing her way through that MTV money and how! Or maybe the MTV salary rumors are what's overblown?

What do you think? Are you shocked by how little Jenelle is worth?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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