‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe Showed His True Colors When He Hooked Up With a Former Contestant

bachelor sean loweI'm not a big fan of Bachelor Sean Lowe. I've never been a fan of any Bachelor, really, perhaps for no other reason than they're someone who would go on The Bachelor. But there's something a little extra creepy about Sean. Between his robotic phrasing and his willingness to partake in a shirtless montage at sunset, he just seems to have nothing going on upstairs. And this latest piece of gossip gold -- rumor has it he hooked up with the crazy Jenna Burke from Ben Flajnik's season -- sort of confirms he's kind of a doofus.


Allegedly, Sean and Jenna were in New York City attending some sort of "charity event" (which is just a blatant excuse for The Bachelor, Bachelorette family to get wasted together), and when the party wrapped, the two went back to his hotel room.

A source told Star that they spent the night together, and at a charity event in Philadelphia the next day, Sean totally ignored Jenna. "Sean barely paid any attention to her -- like she wasn't even there."

That's cold Sean, real cold.

But, I would assume, not especially unusual. Even though he's a supposed born-again virgin who doesn't sleep around, it sounds like our boy isn't afraid to kiss then diss. (Am I the first person to make that phrase up? I hope so.)

In all fairness, though, Jenna's kind of a loose cannon. Remember her on Ben's season? Always crying in the bathroom and sputtering like a drunk teenager whenever she found herself around Ben? We collectively cringed for her.

But! We didn't then take her back to our hotel rooms, fully aware of her mental instabilities. That was alllllll Sean.

Do you think Sean's a player?


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