'RHOBH' Kyle & Kim Richards' Relationship Takes a Scary Turn

Kyle RichardsWhen it comes to Real Housewives, most of the time, all of the drama and cat fights are welcome. I mean, that's a big part of why we watch, right? But when it comes to sisters Kyle and Kim Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it's been heartbreaking to watch their volatile relationship over years.

This past week when Taylor Armstrong's boyfriend brought up that he'd seen Kim at a cigar club, Kyle was visibly shaken about it given her sister's new sobriety, and she was also hurt about not being invited to her nephew's 21st birthday celebration in Vegas. "I thought once she became sober, everything would be fine. I don’t feel like I know her as well as I used to know her," she said. Then as her eyes filled with tears, she tried to tell everyone she was fine, when it was clear she wasn't.

Since then, however, their relationship has taken a dangerous turn.


And fortunately, that turn is for the better. The sisters, who appeared last night on the FOX special Stars in Danger: The High Dive, say doing that show was the best thing they could have done for their relationship.

Kim told People:

My sister and I had kind of a rough patch over the last couple of years and I thought [High Dive] would be a nice opportunity for Kyle and I to really bond. It took us actually a step beyond closer. We're probably the closest we've maybe ever been ... I really didn't see any light at the end of the tunnel.

How great is that?! And it wasn't just one-sided either. Kyle echoed her sentiments saying that when she was feeling scared Kim went into "mama-bear mode". 

We really had to support each other and I think that's the best thing that's come out of this for us. Kim and I are definitely in the best place we've been since we were little girls.

It's ironic that it took another television show to help them work through the problems that we've seen over the years on RHOBH, but hey, whatever works. These two have wasted too much time on drama with one another, when they really need each other to deal with the rest of it.

Are you glad to hear that Kyle and Kim Richards have worked through their problems? Do you think it will last?


Image via Bravo

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