'Bachelorette' Winner Jef Holm Shares His Secret to Perfect Big Hair

Emily Maynard & Jef HolmWell, if you were ever curious as to how he manages to achieve the perfect pompadour every morning, you're in luck -- because Bachelorette winner Jef Holm is finally sharing his hair tips with the world. ('Bout damn time.)

Let's face it, Jef was just as famous for his hair as he was for his skateboarding and puppetry skills on Emily Maynard's season, and it's nice that he has decided to share his secret to the perfect 'do with men (and women) everywhere who haven't yet mastered the art of big hair.

His advice is clear and simple, and honestly, it's a wonder that most of us haven't already figured his little tip out ourselves.


Are you ready? Ok, I'll cut the suspense. For Jef Holm-like hair, all you have to do is, "Keep it high and tight."

And there you have it. High and tight is where it's at, ladies and gentlemen. (Low and loose is just so 2010.)

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Ok, so keeping it high and tight sounds easy enough, but in order to achieve the same look, you really need to have enough hair to keep high and tight, or at least that's what I'm assuming.

So first things first, if you want to put yourself on the path to a full-on Jef makeover, it's probably best to forgo haircuts (at least on the top of your head) for a couple months or so.

And once you have enough hair to try and re-create the look, I'm guessing you need a good comb for teasing, and a very large can of extra hold humidity-control hairspray (but use a brand that's eco-friendly, of course).

Hmm. Sure sounds like Jef hair routine is a lot more involved than what most dudes are used to. But look how far that coif has taken him! The extra effort is definitely paying off.

Do you have any other big hair tips you'd care to share?


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