'Teen Mom' Star Is Engaged -- For Real This Time

Mackenzie DouthitHere we go again! Mackenzie Douthit, one of the four young women set to star in the upcoming Teen Mom 3, is engaged. Or should we say engaged again?

Douthit has managed a feat uncommon among Teen Moms -- both stars of the show and out here in the real world. The cheerleader who got pregnant because she worried that birth control would make her fat has managed to keep up a relationship with boyfriend Josh McKee, father of son Gannon. In fact, the couple was already engaged during their episode of 16 & Pregnant.

So why was Douthit posting on Twitter this week that she just said yes?


Turns out the Oklahoma couple has remained a couple through it all -- the birth of a son, Josh being nearly paralyzed in a car accident, everything -- but they decided to remove the pressure of "being engaged" ... for awhile, anyway.

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Then suddenly they started talking about moving to San Diego and presto, change-o, we get a picture of Mackenzie's ring and her admitting she and Josh are planning to get hitched.

Could this be for real this time? I know it sounds naive -- we are talking about a girl who shares airspace with Jenelle Evans and her relationship drama -- but Mackenzie and Josh seem to have taken a rather, gasp, adult path toward relationships? They backed off the pressure when it was too much, for one. And they have managed to stay together for a year and a half after the birth of their little guy.

Purely from the Teen Mom fan's perspective, this could be big for the show because it will provide viewers with something unique. We've already seen the likes of a single mom whose boyfriend is deceased (Farrah), seen a single dad take over when the mom went to prison (Amber), watched couples get married and break up (Leah), seen couples break up and fight (Kailyn, Maci), seen a girl lose custody and go through a slew of relationships (Jenelle).

Seeing a healthy marriage come out of a teenage parenting situation? That could be good for Mackenzie and Josh ... and good for America!

What do you think? Could this be the couple that defies the odds and makes it?


Image via MTV

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