'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kenya Moore Has No Shame

Kenya MooreSo, pretty much the best thing to happen on The Real Housewives of Atlanta tonight was that it started an hour earlier -- at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. Besides that, it was more of the same old Kenya Moore drama in which she tried to get her fake boyfriend Walter Jackson to marry her and acted like she cared if he didn't.

We did get to meet NeNe Leakes' adorable little glam-daughter, Bri'Asia Bryant. Of course, NeNe couldn't be a traditional grandmother, so glam-ma it is. She and Gregg were also headed out to California to start their new life there, though they're keeping their home in Atlanta. "I'm a Georgia peach forever, ba-BAY," she said.


Cynthia Bailey hosted a small going away party for them, which was surprisingly uneventful. Kenya made everyone roll their eyes when she went on and on about how much she looks like Beyonce. How every day someone tells her she looks like Beyonce. How at the Inauguration 100 people were taking her picture and asking for her autograph. Cynthia had the best line of the night when she said, "Kenya thinks she looks so much like Beyonce, so why can’t she get her man to ... put a ring on it?"

Clearly that is never going to happen. If we didn't already know their whole relationship was a sham, Walter might be looking like a huge jerk right now. But all I could think of during the final confrontation scene was poor Walter.

You could tell he had no idea what to say as she went on about how she was hot, soapy, and naked in a shower, and something MUST be wrong because he didn't even kiss her. Even if their relationship was real, you'd think she'd have a little more pride than to go there on television, but fame seems to be more important to her than that.

She blasted him again for leading her on and begged and pleaded with him to tell her what was wrong. Walter just kept fishing and shrugging his shoulders, which made her even crazier. Poor guy seemingly had no clue what he was in for with Kenya, and now here she is making him look like a huge, insensitive ass on TV. And she seems to have no regrets, recently telling In Touch that she's the new star of RHOA. I suppose if by star she means delusional, narcissistic, crazy woman no one likes, that may be true. 

The episode ended with Kenya storming off and leaving Walter in his Guccis by the lake. I hope that's the end of it, but somehow I unfortunately doubt it. Because really with Kim gone, and NeNe off to Hollywood, what else is there to watch the rest of this season? My fingers are crossed hard, however, that they bring Walter back for the reunion and he gets a chance to tell his side. Bravo owes us that, right?

Do you think this is the end of Kenya and Walter's (fake) romance?


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