'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Wants a Fresh Start in 2013 but She Can't Forget the Past

farrah abrahamTeen Mom Farrah Abraham was all starry-eyed and under a magic spell at Disney World this New Year's Eve. She says she just loves New Year's -- and not just because she always spend the holiday watching the fireworks at Disney World. It's also the most funnest for Farrah.

I feel NYE is the launch of the most funnest time of my life every year, I feel like i'm being spontaneous in a way, but I feel NYE gives you the feeling of (all the crap from this past year is for sure behind you and gone) as well it's time to burst into all the new opportunities, new friends, new stuff that you probably have been waiting for this year.

Ooh, that just makes me cringe -- and not just for the "most funnest" line. Actually, no, that's a big part of why I'm cringing. But more importantly -- let's examine some of that crap from this past year.


Hey, I had a lot of crap last year that I'd like to leave behind, too! I totally get the leaving behind of crap. Crap! Begone! But as exciting as it is to make a fresh start every year, I think there's some value to reflecting back on the year.

That's how we learn, after all. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it," said Edmund Burke (some English dude from a long time ago). I'm not saying we should wallow in regrets or anything like that. But New Year's is a good time to think about all the big lessons of the year -- what didn't work and why. What brought us conflict, what brought us joy, and what it all means.

Otherwise, that new beginning in January isn't really a new beginning. It's just the same ol' you doing the same things you always do, only now you're older. Every part of our life experiences are valuable, even the painful ones. So I hope that along with celebrating a fresh start, Farrah is also thinking about some of that "crap" from last year.

Do you ever think about the past on New Year's Day?


Image via MTV

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