'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Is Married ... But Why Is It Such a Big Secret?

Kailyn Lowry Javi MarroquinWell, well, well! It seems Kailyn Lowry has gone and gotten herself married! And despite all those wedding rumors about the Teen Mom 2 star and fiance Javi Marroquin that led us nowhere, this one is actually sounding pretty darn legitimate!

Just get a load of Kailyn's new Twitter bio. Kail now lists herself not only as a mother and dental assistant, but an Air Force wife. And that's not all!


None other than Leah Messer Calvert took to Facebook today to congratulate her co-star on her marriage.

Duh dun duh nuh. Duh dun duh nuh!

Sounds like congratulations are in order! Not only is Kailyn sounding very married, but this girl has got some serious class. At least that's the best explanation we can come up with for how quiet she's been about this whole thing.

Can you imagine Jenelle Evans keeping something this big under wraps? She couldn't even spare us the details of her disastrous divorce drama that led absolutely nowhere (except to her changing her last name -- on Twitter anyway -- to Rogers).

Maybe I'm just biased because I find Kailyn so likeable; she's determined to do things on her own, and she's obviously trying to be a great mom. But I'd say the fact that Kailyn hasn't been blowing up all over the place about this all of this, even while she struggling with Javi far from home serving our country, speaks volumes about her character.

The fact is, this is something Kailyn deserves to be proud of and deserves to sing about. Javi's got a job -- and an honorable one at that. He's good with her son. He doesn't have a string of arrests or a tumultuous relationship with an ex baby mama. He doesn't spend his time on Twitter acting like a jerk. He really seems like a good guy!

Not to mention, they've been together awhile; they've been engaged. They're young but not babies. There's no reason she shouldn't be shouting this one from the rooftops!

What do you think of this news for Kailyn? Should she be proud and shout it loud?


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