'Sister Wives' Recap: Kody Says Sex Is 'Unhealthy' ... Run Away, Logan! (VIDEO)

sister wivesHere's the deal: Is Meri the only Sister Wife who has any grasp on reality?! Not that she actually does have a grasp on reality, because, quite honestly, four beautiful homes per one "family" ain't exactly what I'd call "reality" in this day and staggering unemployment age, but anyway. As anyone who's ever read any of my Sister Wives recaps knows, I have plenty of issues with Kody Brown and what he considers to be "normal," but PUH-LEEZE. The fact that Kody & Co. felt justified in nickel-and-dime-ing Meri over her home furnishing choices because she "only" has one child is ... INSANE. Because, hello?!?! Kody still wants Meri to have another baby! And is another baby really any more affordable than sliding glass doors?!?!


Soooo, anyway. Tonight was a big deal because Logan, the "eldest child," is getting ready to go off to college (thankyoujesusyes!!!!!!). And Kody and Meri and Janelle and Christine and Robyn and ... I guess that's it? ... all had lots of emotion re: Logan's impending departure.

Particularly Kody, who seemed especially concerned about the possibility of Logan having -- gasp! -- sex outside of marriage. YIKES! (Honestly, he seemed more concerned about the possibility of having to get a buzzcut/reveal his receding hairline.) Ahem. Anyway, said Kody: "When you are sexually active outside of a marriage, it is unhealthy all the way around."

Polygamy, however, is healthy ALL THE WAY AROUND.

Lucky for Logan, his many, many parents sent him off to college with a quilt bearing each and every one of their images, so, sex outside of marriage? Good luck with that, Logan.

Do you think Logan will have a good experience at college?

Image via TLC/YouTube

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