'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Husband Courtland Says She Was 'Hooked on Heroin'

jenelle evans courtland rogersLet's just go ahead and add this to the mounting list of hearsay evidence that Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is a recovering heroin addict. So we've already heard her roommate allege that Jenelle wasn't in the hospital for ovarian cysts but was there instead to kick the heroin habit, and now her husband Courtland Rogers has started yelling about her alleged hard-core drug use on Twitter.

On December 22, Cortland shared on his public social media account that Jenelle, in fact, was "hooked on heroin."


He was tweeting to Jenelle's ex Kieffer Delp (@confidence117k), and here's what went down:

cortland tweets

cortland tweets

cortland tweets

I know, it's hard to understand since Courtland has a blatant distaste for English grammar, but the gist of it is that he's blaming Kieffer for getting Jenelle hooked on heroin, then abandoning her when she was all strung out.

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He also calls Kieffer a "stupid duck", which made me giggle.

Now that Jenelle's husband is talking about her heroin use, it would seem that the rumors are less gossip, and more just sad, sad reality. Who knows -- maybe Courtland's making all this heroin business up, but hey, that might even be worse than the truth. I mean, who wants to be married to someone who says you're a drug addict when you're not?

It sounds from Courtland's tweets that we'll see next season how Jenelle becomes addicted to heroin, but frankly, yeesh, I wouldn't go bragging about that, buddy. This is serious stuff.

Jenelle's been in rehab before -- maybe it's time she head back there to sort things out. Her relationship with Courtland sounds iffy at best ... perhaps another evaluation of her addictions to substances and bad boyfriends is in order.

Do you think Jenelle was addicted to heroin?


Photo via courtyb11/Twitter

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