'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard & John Mayer May Be Sexting Behind Katy Perry's Back (VIDEO)

katy perry john mayerYou know how John Mayer and Katy Perry basically "came out of the closet" as a legit couple (aka not just hook-up buddies) this Christmas? Well, if the gossip mill has anything to say about it, there's serious trouble in pop star paradise, and her name is none other than Bachelorette Emily Maynard.

According to Life & Style (so you know, take this as you will), the notorious player -- who told Ellen Degeneres a little while back that The Bachelor is his "guilty plesaure" and he's a "huge fan of the show" -- has been texting Emily. Say it isn't so!


If this is at all true -- and I really hope it's not -- how utterly idiotic, on both of their parts! John, as we well know, can't seem to get his big boy pants on and finally get comfortable in a committed relationship (which actually strikes me as strange, since isn't this the same guy who wrote the ultimate ode to suburban marriage/kids, "Home Life"?). So sexting a reality star behind his gorgeous, successful pop star girlfriend's back probably isn't going to prove he's finally capable of cleaning up his act.

As for Emily, sheesh! I know girl's only 26, but she is also a single mom who has now had millions of viewers watch not one but TWO of her relationships fall apart. Sexting a rock star who is very publicly dating Katy Perry is probably not going to help her a.) perpetuate her America's sweetheart rep or b.) actually find love.  

Thankfully, even if there is some form of communication between these two, it may not be as bad as the tabs would have us think. An insider reports:

This may be little more than a distraction. Emily is bored out of her mind. So she sits at home and flirts with guys via text. That’s what got her in trouble with her ex-fiancé, Jef Holm.

Whew! Well, glad we got that cleared up. No, but, seriously -- let's hope, for all of their sakes, this is a cockamamie, BS fantasy bored gossip editors came up with by piecing together like a bad Hollywood ad-lib. Cuz that's what it sure sounds like ... right?

Would you believe there's something going on between John and Emily? Thoughts?



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