'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Hates Her New Look But It's Easier to Fix Than She Thinks

Kailyn LowryShe may have been a Teen Mom, but Kailyn Lowry is officially an adult these days. The mother of little Isaac even hit the big 21 back in August. So why is the MTV star worried that everyone she meets thinks she's 12?

Two words: adult braces. Kailyn has joined the growing trend of adults sporting the metal mouth look, and although the recent picture of her new teeth she posted on Instagram looks adorable, she's worried.


Said Kail on Twitter this week:

No matter how I dress, nobody will take me seriously. I look like I'm 12. #braces

It's unfair, but she has a point. The average orthodontic patient is still usually too young to drive. And people tend to judge first, ask questions later.

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To someone who hasn't been there, it can sound superficial or silly. You tend to hear a lot of women whining that they "wish" they looked young because it's soooo much better than being a wrinkled hag.

But the judgment can make anyone -- even a girl like Kailyn who is pretty forward and confident -- feel insecure. I don't have braces, but I sympathize with the Teen Mom because I have been there. I have a young face. It's a guarantee that I will be carded if and when I try to buy alcohol ... even though I'm in my 30s.

When I was pregnant in my early 20s, I even feared being judged as a teen mom because of how young I looked. Considering Kailyn already gets hit with that end of the stick, who can blame her for worrying about more judgment.

The good news in all of this is you can combat it ... to a point.

You can try to opt for braces that are a little less obvious -- Kailyn's are thin and simple -- and if you have to go for rubber bands, opt for clear over rainbow colors.

Beyond your mouth: wear makeup any time you go out, so you don't look like some pre-pubescent Justin Bieber fan, and take a look at your wardrobe to weed out anything that screams, "I would have worn this in high school." An "adult" hairstyle helps too; this is NOT the time to try out some "ironic" pigtails.

Biggest thing -- and this is tough -- try to forget your fear. People are judgmental, but we often project our biggest fears onto them. You'd be surprised how little they really notice little things like braces.

Do you think Kailyn is right to be worried? Do you tend to struggle with looking young?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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