'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kenya Moore Learns the Rules of Engagement the Hard Way

Walter Jackson and Kenya MooreI think it's pretty safe to say that the only person who wasn't surprised that Kenya Moore didn't get engaged or elope on tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was Kenya Moore. Though she put the full court press on her boyfriend (or make believe boyfriend) Walter Jackson, he was nowhere near putting a ring on it.

In fact, if his recent comments to the press are correct that their relationship was a sham from the beginning and she asked him to play the role of her boyfriend, then Kenya probably wasn't surprised either. But she sure acted like she was with all the yelling, tears, and declarations that she's a damsel in distress.


The dinner the group had on their last night in Anguilla was pretty uncomfortable. Peter totally put Walter on the spot and asked him what his intentions were, before telling him he had about 12 hours left to pop the question to Kenya. Then after everyone told their cute and funny engagement stories (NeNe Leakes: "We got engaged drivin' down I-20. We straight ghetto."), Walter hemmed and hawed and said he might propose someday, probably at a basketball game.

Kenya wasn't amused, and stormed off from the table. When he came to talk to her and told her he wouldn't let her or anyone else pressure him into marriage (good for him, finally!), she didn't like that one bit and ran off into the woods to cry. Phaedra Parks followed and offered her these words of comfort: “As long as they have a penis, they are crazy.”

Okay, so IF they were really in a relationship, and she really thought he meant they might get elope on this trip (he was a tad misleading), then I can see why she might have been a bit upset. I might have felt a small bit of sympathy for her. But the whole pressuring him to marry her just makes her look pathetic. Or should I say, more pathetic.

I don't know. I have such a hard time believing that anything she does or says is legitimate and not part of some act. A new report claims that she's been busted for lying about owning in her big mansion when she's really just renting it.  Can we believe anything about her? 

Of course we know we can't believe everything we see on Real Housewives, but we should be able to believe at least something about these women and who they say they are. And so far with Kenya, I haven't found much to believe at all. Unfortunately, she's totally dominating this season of RHOA too, which is making Sunday nights pretty insufferable so far. 

How real do you think Kenya Moore is being on the show? What do you think of this season of RHOA so far?


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