'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout's Marriage Proposal on Twitter Isn't as Bad as It Sounds

There seems to be a trend of proposing marriage via Twitter. Okay, maybe not a full-blown trend exactly, but I can name two guys who've done it. And since they're famous and their proposals made the press, maybe that means lots of anonymous non-famous guys are doing it too. Anyway, here we go: Teen Mom Maci Bookout's baby daddy Ryan Edwards proposed to Maci over Twitter. Not quite sure if he was serious, but he tweeted, "Marry me!" Sounds serious, but who knows.

And then well-known DJ Deadmau5 proposed to L.A. Ink star Kat Von D (also former fiancé of professional serial cheater Jesse James) over Twitter. He WAS serious. He even tweeted a pic of the engagement ring. Would any woman accept a proposal of marriage over Twitter?


I guess that depends who the woman is. Maci, for one, wasn't having it. At first, she thought Ryan's account had been hacked. But when she realized it was him, she responded: "Twitter is not the place. Ima kill u."

My sentiments exactly. Though hopefully I would have used better grammar.

Kat Von D, on the other hand, was thrilled. She tweeted:

And it wasn't long ago that I heard about a man who asked his girlfriend to marry him via email. When she accepted, he forwarded their email to all of their friends as a way of inviting them to an engagement party.

I'd like to say that proposals over email or social media are just wrong wrong wrong and NEVER okay. But the fact is, no doubt there was a time when the first person proposed on television and everyone was all, Whaaaat???? That's sooooo tacky! and now it's not only normal, but considered extremely romantic. Ditto JumboTron proposals, YouTube proposals, lip-dub proposals, and scary proposals.

It's just the times we live in. More people are living much of their daily life on social media, and they wouldn't dream of asking such an important question in a room with just their significant other. Would make no sense to them!

I personally think marriage proposals should ever only be made in private -- which gives someone a chance to say "no" without too much embarrassment. But expect to see more social media proposals.

Would you be okay with being proposed to online? Do you know anyone this has happened to?


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