'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Leah & Corey Have Too Many Regrets

Corey SimmsWe all knew that one day Leah Messer Calvert and Corey Simms would have to stop the breakneck speed that they've been living at since their quickie divorce got rolling. Sadly, that didn't make seeing them break down on the Christmas Eve episode of Teen Mom 2 any easier to watch. Even with Chelsea getting her act in gear, Jenelle moving in with a guy, and Kailyn debating a big move, Leah and Corey's pain still managed to steal the show.

The episode started off on a good note; Leah and new boyfriend (now husband in real life) Jeremy Calvert made their relationship official by going to meet the parents. Watching Lee Spears take Jeremy out on the porch for some good old fashioned Daddy advice was adorable. He may be Leah's stepfather, not her biological dad, but he's a keeper, for sure.


Even the first meeting between Corey and Jeremy went well. It was awkward, sure, but the two guys were polite to one another during the custody hand-off of the girls. They acted much more grown up than many men who have decades on them.

And then it all seemed to come crashing down on Corey that Leah had really moved on. Seeing Jeremy in the flesh was that trigger that put him over the edge, and he just had to start texting Leah about how much he loved her and how he regretted the divorce.

I give the guy credit. He was being honest. But when he came face to face with Leah, he told her he didn't want to mess up her relationship with Jeremy ... even if he'd just dropped a giant bomb in her lap. What did he expect? Of course she was going to admit she regretted the divorce!

They never worked things out! They just went gave up! It's hard not to regret the end of a marriage when you didn't fight for it. Say what you will about these two, but Leah and Corey really seem to put their girls first, and Leah couldn't help but question whether it was better to try again just so the girls would have Mommy and Daddy together.

Of course we all know they didn't go back there, but this definitely puts their speedy break-up in perspective, doesn't it?

So what else is up with the other girls? Chelsea is -- surprise, surprise -- doing better now that Adam's gone. She's refocused on getting her GED, and she even visited a beauty school and talked to a counselor there about enrollment.

Kailyn is still dealing with the aftermath of her break-up with Jordan and Jo's new relationship. She's planning a trip to Texas to see her half-sister and cousins, maybe even talking about a move to the South.

And Jenelle, well ... she's still not back on her bipolar meds, but she had several civil conversations with mom Barbara. And she's made the grand decision to move out to put a little distance so she can continue to get along with her mom ... by moving into a spare bedroom at new boyfriend Josh's place. Considering we know that relationship didn't work out, we can only guess how well that is going to work out!

What do you think of Leah and Corey admitting they regret the divorce?


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