‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Hints That Her Mom Had Her Committed – Finally, Something We Can Believe!

jenelle evansTeen Mom Jenelle Evans may need some serious help. The newly 21-year-old mom of one just posted a screenshot of a text exchange she had with her mother in which it's hinted that Jenelle might not have been hospitalized for ovarian cysts, but because her mom had her committed.

First her sister Ashleigh implied that Jenelle was in the hospital to recover from a heroin addiction, then there was a photo of paperwork allegedly proving that Jenelle was, in fact, committed for mental health problems, and now there's this text ... is Jenelle trying to tell us something?


Something like, Help?

When Jenelle's mom texted her, in garbled English, about laying low for a few months and staying off the Internet, Jenelle responded:  "Yeah that's what happens when u commit me to the hospital … Becuz u like to have things 'your' way."

If she didn't want fans (and sidebar: calling Teen Mom followers "fans" seems like a misnomer; we're more like Teen Mom oglers) to think any of those rumors of the cause for her hospitalization were true, then why share this conversation with her mom, with the world?

Well, to answer that rhetorical question for Jenelle, I'd guess she's motivated by attention. And when kids (I don't care if she's 21, Ms. Evans is more childish than many 13-year-olds I know) act out, when they rebel, when they stir the pot ... they're doing it to get attention. And kids want attention when they're feeling ignored, or deprived, or when they don't have the skills to communicate that something's wrong.

Jenelle's actually back in the hospital for, what she says, is a severe acid reflux problem and while that may be 100 percent true (but if Ashlee Simpson's taught us anything, it probably isn't), we now question its sincerity because of the rumors she's propagated.

Maybe she really is crying out for help with these "committed" texts; maybe she really was institutionalized briefly for mental health problems. If that's the case, I sure hope someone in her family is listening.

Do you think Jenelle's trying to get attention so that she can get help?


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