Santa Claus Was Sexist -- Until Now (VIDEO)

Santa ClausHas it ever occurred to you that Santa Claus is  nothing more than the outdated product of a misogynistic patriarchy?

Does it not bother you that A MAN gets to hog the holiday spotlight, while Mrs. Claus gets left behind at the North Pole on Christmas Eve, ostensibly spot-cleaning elf underwear while her husband has all the fun?

Well in this week's episode of "I'll Take That Dare," things are about to change. Check out the unbelievable video after the jump.


Take that, Santa!

A woman can do the job just as well as a man!

Of course, I couldn't have done this dare without the help of my friends, Frosty and Elfira (otherwise known as Yvonne and Lena). Santa is nothing without his helpers.

Obviously, I had a lot of fun playing Santa Claus. How do you think I did?


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