'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Faye Resnick Needs to Stay Out of Brandi & Adrienne's Business

Faye Resnick and Brandi GlanvilleIt was another crazy episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight. It built on all the insanity of last week's big, mysterious bombshell, and ended with one hell of a dinner party ... from hell. And surprise (or not?), once again non-housewife Faye Resnick (formerly dubbed the "morally corrupt Faye Resnick" by Camille Grammer) was there to make it a meal to remember. 

The whole thing was frustrating to say the least. Not only did we not find out what Brandi Glanville said about Adrienne Maloof, but now we have the added mystery of what did Paul and Adrienne do to Brandi that has her so mad. And why won't she say what it is?

She keeps teasing everyone with this ominous thing. "You don't know what they've done to me," she said repeatedly. And, "There's so much more that people don't know about." So tell us! 


The only specific complaint she made was that they were talking to the tabloids about her after the whole blow-up at Mauricio's party, and the fact that they tried to get her on their team before the last reunion. She said when she wouldn't do it, they went after her full core. Okay, but what does that mean? Are they threatening her? Are they in the mob? What?!

Maybe if she'd tell everyone, they'd have a little sympathy for her and understand why she dropped the big, private family bombshell about Paul and Adrienne. As it is now, she's got no one on her side except Lisa Vanderpump and Marisa Zanuck (surprise, it's a new Housewife!), who she just met that night. No one knows which side Yolanda Foster is on because she's been busy working out and attending Donna Summer's funeral during all of this drama.

One person who's definitely not on her side is Faye; she is out for Brandi's blood. She started in on her right away and didn't let up until Brandi got up and left. She accused her of making random allegations, being a mean girl, and needing attention. She also really wanted her to send Adrienne flowers ... or an orchid. She told her if she didn't do that, she wasn't really sorry. I guess that's a Beverly Hills thing?

In any case, it wasn't any of Faye's business, and she totally ruined Kyle's dinner party. No one was even looking at her walls, dammit. And speaking of Kyle, she just sat there, not even trying to calm the situation down. It was almost as if she was having Faye do her dirty work for her. Hmmm?

Throughout Faye's attack Brandi repeatedly said she regrets what she said, but that it's also too soon to apologize. And she kept alluding to this mysterious evil that Paul and Adrienne have done to her. "We have other issues," she said, but nothing more.

I've been Team Brandi all the way, and I'd like to stay that way. But she's got to tell us why we should be on her side, or it's going to be difficult to stay there for long.

What (if anything) do you think Paul and Adrienne did to Brandi?


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