'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Quickie Marriage Could Cost Her Everything

jenelle evans

Jenelle Evans shocked her fans when she married Courtland Rogers earlier this month after just a two-week engagement. The first thought on everyone's mind? She was pregnant. Nope. Turns out the impulsive Teen Mom 2 star was just head-over-heels in love. You know, that type of giddy, heart-quickening, sweaty-palm-inducing love that inspires you to make completely irrational decisions. Well, if you thought their 'I do's were surprising, wait 'til you hear about what is possibly her biggest relationship mistake to date.


Jenelle, who tied the knot at a North Carolina Courthouse December 4, didn't have Courtland sign a pre-nuptial agreement. That is just lunacy to me. Yes, I know she's not an heiress like Ivanka Trump, but thanks to the success of the MTV hit, she should have some cash stocked away (I hope) and more undoubtedly coming her way. "Jenelle didn't get a pre-nup with Courtland mostly because she didn't think she needed one," a friend of hers told RadarOnline. "She’s totally in love with him and thinks their marriage is going to last forever."

Big mistake. First, let me just say, I kinda get it. There is nothing less romantic than working out a contingency plan for how to divvy up money in case of a split. A pre-nup chat can definitely burst that romantic high. But thinking with her heart has certainly caused heartache and headlines in the past. This girl is nothing if not rash and reckless when it comes to her personal life. Before Courtland, she was engaged to Gary Head and had an off-on relationship with bad boy Kieffer Delp. And Courtland certainly doesn't have a squeaky clean image. He's been locked up twice. And friends told Us Weekly he's "a bad influence. He takes advantage of everyone."

Yes, getting a pre-nup is incredibly unromantic but necessary. It's just a smart thing to do. There is nothing wrong with making plans for the "what ifs" in life. In fact, Courtland should be thinking along those lines too. He works as a roofer but reportedly comes from a wealthy family. Honestly, they both need to make sure they are protected.

Do you think Jenelle and Courtland should have signed a pre-nup?

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