'Teen Mom' Made Farrah Abraham a Star & She Better Appreciate It

Farrah AbrahamIt's been quite the year for Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, hasn't it? Her show ended. She released that explosive memoir. And she had all that plastic surgery. And now the news is out that Abraham was the third most searched reality TV celebrity in 2012!

Farrah beat out every single one of the Kardashians (although Kim clocked in at number four on Google's list and Kourtney at number nine), and came thisclose to Snooki whose baby bump gave her more Internet hits than the one in her hair to claim the number two slot in 2012. So much for putting Teen Mom behind her, huh?


It could be said that Farrah's Google rank is as much a curse as it is a blessing.

It's not rocket science to figure out that a high search rank on Google doesn't exactly mean you're the most beloved person on the planet. We're a society that thrives on celebrity scandal. The more dirt that's out there on a celebrity, the more time we waste reading about it on the Internet.

There are plenty of people out there who want to know about Farrah because she's a Teen Mom, and they want to know about her because they are hoping something bad is going down. Considering Farrah is the Teen Mom who seems to be working hardest at putting the show behind her, that's not exactly something she wants to hear.

And yet, Teen Mom has offered Americans the unique opportunity of watching these girls grow up, and some -- like Farrah -- come into their own. We are connected to them, invested in their successes (and yes, their failures).

I have to admit that it's Farrah's efforts not to be roped in with the likes of Jenelle Evans or Amber Portwood -- the Teen Moms who court the scandals -- that has turned me into a fan. She had her rough start on the show (boy did she EVER!), but the Farrah Abraham that sent us surfing the Internet in droves this year is a woman who is hell-bent on making something of herself. She has written several books this year. She started a food production company. She's got as many pots going as she has fingers to stir them.

Every single time someone searches for Farrah Abraham, no matter the reason behind it, she gets to push her businesses. She gets to push herself ahead. She gets to use Teen Mom, in essence, to put Teen Mom behind her. Farrah would be wise to take note of that and use it to her advantage.

I want to see her succeed. And if she can draw attention to the things she's doing right because she has that Teen Mom attention, then so be it. She needs to take advantage of what she's got going for her ... and her attachment to that franchise is pretty darn marketable.

Be honest: do you read about Farrah Abraham because you like her or are you hoping for more Teen Mom gossip?


Image via MTV

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