'Sister Wives' Recap: Kody Digs Himself Deeper & Deeper

sister wivesWHOA. Some intense, intense stuff on tonight's Sister Wives, you guys. Yeesh! Death. Failure. Betrayal. It's like they've been saving up the drama all season long! Of course, there were plenty of quieter moments of angst to be found ... the low-level cattiness surrounding home design details ("I've always said I would NOT have a sliding door in my house, Kody!!") and the bittersweet memories of Utah (and the Brown family's eventual speedy exodus from their home state).

But really, all that stuff paled in comparison to, say, the bomb that Christine dropped ...


When she looked straight at her husband and sister wives and said:

"I feel like we're failing as a family right now, I'm sorry."

Strong words, but I understand. Christine was feeling especially sad because no one supported her, she said, in her quest to pass the real estate exam. She failed the first time, though it wasn't really her fault, considering the fact that she almost always has a baby attached to her: "On a good day, I feel like I can manage a guaranteed 15 minutes of uninterrupted study," she said at one point, and what working mom can't relate?!

Then there was the especially heartwrenching decision Meri had to make -- to put ailing 12-year-old dog Drake down. And Kody's especially heartwrenching decision to dig the dog's grave himself!!

As for the betrayal part, well, that was more of a betrayal close call, really (Kody ALMOST looked at a model in her underwear, and that is NOT okay, apparently, because Kody is only allowed to look lustfully upon other women if he's married to them). Which still sounds fishy to the likes of me, but at the very least? Those Sister Wives are getting some seriously beautiful homes out of this arrangement, if nothing else.

Which of the Sister Wives do you relate to the most?


Image via TLC

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