'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kenya Moore Is 'Gone With the Wind' Fabulous & Maybe a Big Faker Too

Kenya Moore and Porsha StewartTonight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, it was smack down part two in the Kenya Moore versus Porsha Stewart battle of the new girls. Nothing new happened to set it off, rather they just rehashed everything that had already gone down and cranked up the intensity.

It was really NeNe Leakes' fault for setting them off again, as she prodded them to revisit that whole mess of a luncheon when everything was going smoothly. To Kenya's credit she did just try to ignore it and move on, but Porsha wasn't willing to do so. She unleashed about how Kenya acted at the event and wasn't about to stop. Then Kenya started fighting back, and things got ugly quickly.

"If you call me bitch one more time ..." Porscha said.

"Bitch! Bitch!" was Kenya's comeback. And then things went downhill from there.


From Porsha calling Kenya a tramp to Kenya telling Porsha to go read a book to someone calling someone a hood rat and a low class whore, the gloves were off. It was hard to even keep up with the insults being hurled, and it was impossible to really take sides because they're both just so laughable. NeNe was in the middle trying to keep them from killing one another.

The most unbelievable part of the argument came when Kenya decided to leave. She proclaimed first how educated she is and let everyone know that she has a pedigree. Then she started twirling in her flowing peach nightgown/cocktail dress and made one of the most bizarre statements I've heard come from a Real Housewife in a long time (and that's saying a lot coming from this bunch).

"I’m still here, and I’m still fabulous -- Gone With the Wind fabulous," she said as she glided off. Whatever that means?

She's seriously crazy ... or at least acting the part pretty damn well. I'm not clear as to which. NeNe is suspicious of Kenya and Walter Jackson's relationship, and I think she's right. Last week Walter pretty much confirmed that their relationship on the show was fake, saying she asked him to play the role of her boyfriend on the show.

If that's true (and really why would he lie if it wasn't?), then you have to wonder what else she's faking. I mean, people don't just come up with lines like "Gone With the Wind fabulous" out of the blue and act that inappropriately ... do they?

Do you think Kenya Moore is really as crazy as she acts?


Image via Bravo

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