Jef Holm Makes the List of Most Searched Reality Stars & Now He HAS to Be 'The Bachelor'

Jef HolmMan. Whether you were rooting for him to get the final rose on Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette or not, it's pretty hard to argue with the fact that Jef Holm is one very popular dude. (Oh, yes he is.)

Zeitgeist just released their list of the most searched reality TV stars of 2012, and guess what? Jeffy-boy scored highest out of Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants, coming in at number six. Yep, believe it or not, he was even more searched than Emily Maynard, who took the seventh spot in the rankings.

And oh yeah, bad gal Courtney Robertson came in at number ten. (I'm sure she's less than thrilled about being dead last.)


And just because I know you're curious, yes, Honey Boo Boo took the top spot on the list. (You go, Alana.)

It's not all that surprising that Jef is one of the most searched guys of 2012, but it does seem a little bit shocking that he beat out Emily and Courtney, because it seems like there was a lot more buzz surrounding the two of them than Jef. (Guess not.)

But if Jef is really as big a deal as this list indicates, then it's obvious what has to happen as a result. Producers need to seriously consider making Jef the next Bachelor, because this is all the evidence they need to prove that viewers will tune in to watch him. (It's all about the ratings, people.)

OMG. No one thought of Jef as a possibility before because he was happily engaged to Emily, and by the time they broke up, Sean Lowe was likely already cast as the next Bachelor. But now that he's back on the market (maybe?), producers would be idiots not to give him the job the next time around.

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For crying out loud, he rode in on a skateboard when he met Emily for the very first time. Can you even imagine what kind of entrance he'd make as the star of the show? (Let's hope we have the chance to find out.)

Do you think Jef should be the next Bachelor?


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