'Jersey Shore' Recap: Mike Sorrentino Stripping Was a Situation We Never Needed to See

Mike SorrentinoTonight on the penultimate episode of Jersey Shore, it was raining men and meatballs. Both were about as sleazy and cringe-worthy as we've come to expect from this series. It seemed they saved a little extra umph for this final race to the finish. 

There was Deena falling down drunk on the dance floor and flashing the world her vagina (we haven't seen that in a while), and a whole host of girls willing (and shameless enough) to become meatballs, including the super scary "Scotland". Yikes. 

Then there was Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino who announced to everyone that he used to work as a stripper in college. The roommates kept egging him on to perform for them and show them his moves, and, attention whore that he is, he of course did so.


So after their final Sunday dinner (sniff), they set up the strip club for Vito Durado (Mike's stripper name). There were bubbles, lights, fake money, and a fog machine. JWOWW was handcuffed to a chair with Ron and Sam's personal pair (eww), and in came Vito.

From his stiff, awkward dance moves to scooping up JWOWW and dancing with his face in her crotch, it was, in a word ... painful. As Ron said, "Mike is actually the worst stripper I've seen in my life."

But as bad as it was, they seemed to have a lot of fun and everyone had a good -- if not uncomfortable -- time. And as Snooki said, it was a "good effort". 

Next week the gang is planning a big beach bonfire for their final farewell. There will certainly be plenty of tears -- both from them and from fans -- as they all say goodbye to this crazy, crazy ride they've been on. And there may even be a few shed by those of us who just haven't been able to pull ourselves away from the train wreck no matter how ridiculous and distasteful it may be.

Are you sad there's only one more episode of Jersey Shore left?


Image via MTV

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