'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert's Wedding Photos Are Out: You Should See Her Dress!

ashley hebert j.p. rosenbaumBachelorette stars Ashley Hebert and her new hubby J.P. Rosenbaum may have had some issues with keeping the liquor flowing for free at their ABC-filmed wedding on December 1, but it looks like there was certainly no wardrobe malfunction to speak of! In fact, I'll venture to say that not only have the lovebirds never looked better, but they were even sporting some seriously trendsetting bridal and groomsmen fashion on their Big Day.

Us Weekly's got the exclusive wedding pics, and they're absolutely stunning. Hebert wore a custom Randi Rahm gown, made with a 40-pound (OMG!), hand-beaded train. And J.P. sported a super-snazzy tux with a bowtie. Love!


I adore that Ashley is teeny-tiny, so petite at 5'2", and yet she managed to pull off that mega-fairy tale train. (Well, even though she later joked, "Wow, my train is so heavy. I'm not sure I can make it all the way up those steps. Babe, I'm sorry, but that was the truth. It was so heavy!" Aww!)

That's something this 4'11" bride-to-be thought she could never do in a million years, but after finding the dress of my dreams, I'm hoping to, like Ashley, prove any naysayers who think short chicks should steer clear of the dramatic look gloriously wrong! Also dig that she went for a non-strapless look. More and more, brides are opting for even a slight sleeve or strap, and that's really so refreshing to see when we've been inundated with strapless gowns for years now.

As for J.P.'s look, could it get any more classic than that?! I've never been a huge fan of the bowtie over the regular tie necessarily -- still deciding what my groom's gonna do -- but J.P. rocks it. And oh yeah, gotta love the NJB (Nice Jewish Boy) yarmulke.

All in all, the happy couple totally knocked it out of the park with their wedding day ensembles. Nothing like being madly in love -- and terribly good-looking to boot!

How do you feel about Ashley and J.P.'s wedding day looks?


Image via ABC

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