Adrienne Maloof's Ridiculous Accusations About Brandi Glanville Were Totally Out of Line

Brandi GlanvilleBrandi Glanville is taking a lot of heat for blurting out Adrienne Maloof's big secret on the last episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While we still don't know what it was, the consensus is she had no business going where she went. But Adrienne threw out some extremely low blows too that were definitely out of line.

And while whatever Brandi revealed about Adrienne is most likely true, that doesn't appear to be the case about what Adrienne said about Brandi being a drug addict, and someone who sleeps until 3 p.m. It's understandable to want to lash back when someone has hurt you, but Adrienne's accusations don't seem to have any merit of truth.


Or at least so says Brandi's former roommate, Jennifer Gimenez, who lived with Brandi and her sons for several months last year. Gimenez spoke with Wetpaint and defended Brandi while laughing off Adrienne's accusations. When asked about Brandi's sleeping habits -- which Adrienne was obviously using to point out that she's an unfit mother -- Gimenez said:

No. She does not. In fact, she’s a morning person to the point it drove me a little crazy. I’m not always chipper in the morning. But Brandi and the boys were always bounding into my room, bright and shiny. Sometimes it was at 6 a.m., sometimes 7 a.m. It all depends on her sons. But, trust me; when they’re up, she’s up.

So there's that. As for the allegations that she's a drug addict, Gimenez called it a "reckless comment" and she Tweeted to Brandi:

I'm appalled at a statement that 'ur a drug addict.' I lived with you and I KNOW UR NOT. IN FACT U & my mom SAVED MY LIFE & Put me in REHAB.

I'm not buying either of Adrienne's accusations frankly. Maybe Brandi slept until the afternoon once, or imbibed in an illegal substance here or there, but she seems to have it together way too well for either to be true on the broad basis Adrienne was implying. Brandi seems like a great mom and pretty savvy businesswoman with a knack for starting drama. She's volatile and a bit crass for sure, but I also think she at least speaks the truth. Adrienne it seems was angry and just grasping at scathing straws.

Of course this is all a bunch of she-said, she-said at this point, so who knows who's telling the truth. And of course the biggest she-said we want to know is what did Brandi say about Adrienne that set this whole thing off?

Do you think Adrienne's accusations about Brandi have any truth in them?


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