'Glee' Recap: Kurt's Dad Has Bad News & There's Only One Guy to Run To (VIDEO)

Glee ActuallySue Sylvester warned us at the beginning of the Glee Christmas episode that we were in for a bunch of disjointed stories that would come together at the end to suddenly make sense and leave us feeling all warm and gushy. Think Love, Actually, only it was called "Glee, Actually," and what she could have told us from the get-go was that the Klaine bit was going to really bring on the waterworks. But then, the minute Burt Hummel poked his head out from behind a Christmas tree, you knew the tears would be flowing, didn't you?

Kurt's dad has given Cliff Huxtable a run for his money as best father to ever grace a primetime TV show. A few years ago he was the folksy middle America mechanic who actually went to the free clinic to get gay-specific pamphlets when his son was considering having sex with a boy. Now he's the dad who shows up with bad news for his son AND the exact gift Kurt needs to handle it.


Blaine was delivered to New York City by Kurt's papa in time for these two star-crossed lovers to prance around the ice and sing "White Christmas":

Call it a Christmas miracle. Or just face the fact that Gleeks would not be able to stand a holiday season without a Klaine Christmas duet. I wanted to love it. But the fact is, learning Burt has prostate cancer just before we got to see Klaine come back together made this reunion bittersweet.

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We've already sobbed at what we feared was the guy's deathbed after his heart attack. Now that he's remarried, off in Congress, and got his stepson working for his garage, the guy who's taken the title as biggest champion for his son should be taking it easy. We shouldn't be worrying that Kurt's going to be an orphan soon!

Do you hear that, writers? We finally have a character on TV who exemplifies the very best in parenting. He's refused to let the world tell his son who he should be, preferring to put the world on notice that they need to wake up and accept Kurt for who he is. We cannot see this man die, no matter how great it would be to see Kurt going running into Blaine's arms for comfort!

What do you think of Burt Hummel's news? Is this going to be something Kurt can handle alone or is a rekindling of his romance inevitable?


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