‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Has Been Married for 2 Seconds & Already Wants a Baby

jenelle evansJenelle Evans married Courtland Rogers a hot second ago and already the young mom of one is thinking about babies. The Teen Mom recently hinted in a tweet that she's hoping for a daughter during her second pregnancy, which means, oh yes, Jenelle's looking forward to giving the world another precious baby now that her son Jace, who's basically been raised by his grandmother, is 3.

While Jenelle isn't the most sympathetic person on the planet (between the arrests, the rehab, the probation, and all constant YELLING, it's hard to feel sorry for the girl), I guess it makes sense that she wants a girl. Here's what she said:


Sometimes I wish I had a little girl right now !!! Ugh later on the future maybe but these are SO cute !!!!

Truth, these pink, sparkly Michael Kors shoes are very cute -- I mean, anything that's miniature and bedazzled gets a high-five in my book, but whatever, neither here nor there.

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I can see where Jenelle's coming from. If I had a boy, I guess for the next kid, I'd want a girl. So yes, if you're wondering if I'm giving Jenelle an unsolicited thumbs up for saying she'd like a daughter during the next go round, that's exactly what's going on here.

But I hope she and Courtland wait a while and take some time to get to know each other before they start popping out babies. They only dated for two months before getting hitched, so pausing before procreating is certainly not a bad idea.

Did you want your second child to be the opposite gender of your first?


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