Moms on Skateboards -- We Took That Dare! (VIDEO)

I'll Take That DareHave you ever watched a pack of skateboarders doing sick moves on city sidewalks and thought, "I could do that"?

Well, I haven't either.

However, we thought learning to skateboard would make for a great dare! And this time around, I paired up with a partner!

My fellow skater girl is the one and only Kristen Chase, who you may know here on The Stir or from her personal blog Motherhood, Uncensored or perhaps from her super-cool website Cool Mom Picks.

She was the perfect mom to try out some gnarly triple turnpikes with.

See how we did on the latest episode of "I'll Take That Dare" ... after the jump!


So was that totally sick or what, dudes?!

We may not have been the world's best skater moms, but we could talk trash like pros!

I think this episode definitely gets the award among all dares so far as "most likely to break bones." The moment I got on that skateboard and started moving, I knew things could go very, very wrong. It also convinced me that if my kids ever take skateboarding up, they WILL be wearing a helmet and elbow/wrist/kneepads at all times. Period.

So now tell me ... Would YOU try skateboarding?

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