‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry Is Finally Doing Something About Her 'Weight Problem'

Kailyn Lowry 'Teen Mom'You and I, we probably have a lot more in common with Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry than we thought. The MTV star has come clean on Twitter about something that's seriously bugging her, something we can all relate to: her weight. Yeah yeah, we watched her drop some major pounds last spring thanks to Insanity, but now she's put some of them back on, and well, she isn't exactly happy about it. Man, we've all been there.

"I need to pick a date to get back in the gym and stick to it," Lowry tweeted. "Complaining about my weight isn't going to change anything."

Ain't that the truth, sista.


You have to tell me you can relate. After a long few weeks of indulging, you just hit a wall where you HAVE to get back into some sort of fitness routine or you feel like you'll lose your mind. Kailyn's beautiful as she is, but she's unhappy. Now, she's done the first step: Admitting she needs to make a change. What's most critical is that she finally follows through.

Heck for me, it's been more than a few weeks. I get to the gym a few times a week but everything else is still off, and that's because getting active again only really works when you make changes to the rest of your day-to-day, too. Moderating the kinds of foods you're eating, upping your water intake instead of reaching for that fourth glass of Diet Coke, and most importantly, setting time aside for yourself. Being healthy is something that takes dedication, and believe me, it's something we all deserve.

Are you proud of Kailyn for saying it's time to get this party started? Have you ever been super frustrated about gaining weight?


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