'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Diary Excerpt Is Actually Really Sad (PHOTO)

jenelle evans diaryTeen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans recently shared a photograph of a page from her diary on Twitter, and actually ... it kind of makes me feel sad for her. The diary is from when she was 12 years old, and the excerpt she shared talked about a time she was grounded. It's pretty adorable and makes you wonder: What the hell happened to her?


The excerpt reads: "Me and my brother, Colin, took my cat, Molly, and threw him behind my chair, but Molly caught on to the plug and broke my grandmother's lamp! But we told my mom that Molly was just laying on the chair and fell behind it and broke."

It's hard to believe that, at one point, the hard-partying, trouble-making star was just a kid. Sounds like she has been forever fighting with her mother, but still -- she used to be innocent. Sort of sweet, even. She used to get in trouble for messing with her cat -- something lots of 12-year-olds do.

It's always a little sad when you see snippets of a troubled person's life from when they were younger. Kind of makes you wonder where things went wrong; and it makes you kind of empathetic toward them -- even if it is Jenelle Evans.

What do you think of Jenelle's diary entry?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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