18 Most Explosive 'Teen Mom' Dramas of 2012

Jenelle EvansI've gotta say, the stars of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 can always be counted on for some good entertainment throughout the year. And 2012 was no different. Between Amber Portwood going to prison, Jenelle Evans getting arrested, and all that contretemps between Maci Bookout and Kyle King, it has been one crazy year.

So you know what? It's time to relive it. Let's look back at 18 of the craziest moments from the past year from our favorite Teen Moms!


1. Amber Portwood Chose Prison -- Let's face it: nothing is as shocking as seeing a woman choose five years in prison over getting sober, especially when she has a little girl at home.

2. MTV Visited Amber in Prison -- Proving that there is nowhere the TV cameras can't find you, MTV sent Dr. Drew into Indiana's Rockville Correctional Facility where we learned that little Leah was not visiting Mom, and just how bad Amber's drug addiction had become before she opted for prison.

3. Farrah Abraham Admitted Her Cocaine Habit & Thoughts of Suicide -- The pain of losing the father of her child and becoming a Teen Mom proved to be every bit as hard as they sound for Farrah, who came clean this year about how close she'd come to ending it all.

4. Farrah Released a Memoir -- The first Teen Mom to get a book deal out of this let the whole world in on pleeeeenty of secrets. Did you know her mom isn't the only one who's been arrested? You do now! 

5. Farrah Releases a Single -- And it was ... something.

6. Leah Messer Calvert Got Married -- The ink was barely dry on her divorce from Corey when news broke that Leah had gotten married again!

7. Leah Had a Miscarriage -- After battling rumors that she was carrying twins, Leah had truly sad news: her very public pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

8. Leah Got Pregnant Again -- And this time things seem to be going well; we even know it's a girl!

9. Jenelle Got Arrested -- Really, which one do we pick? There are so many! But we'll go with the first one of the year ... just a few days into the new year, and Jenelle was in handcuffs for a fight!

10. Jenelle Got Engaged (The First Time) -- Remember Gary Head? He was the guy Jenelle was engaged to back in March ...

11. Jenelle and Gary Broke Up ... Violently -- The engagement ended pretty quickly, and for good reason: Jenelle had to file for an order of protection after Gary -- among other things -- kicked in her door.

12. Jenelle Evans Got Married -- She left Gary behind only to hurry up and get married to old friend Courtland Rogers after just two months of dating. 

13. Teen Mom Cancelled -- Four seasons in, and it's over. Whatever spin-offs might be in the works aside, we won't be watching the original cast (Farrah, Maci, Amber, and Catelynn) anymore.

14. Kailyn Got Married -- OK, not really. But the rumors were flying that she had a quickie marriage to fiance Javi ... which Kailyn set straight with The Stir

15. Maci Bookout and Kyle King Broke Up. And Got Back Together. And Broke Up. -- The one couple we thought would be together forever made us crazy this year with their back and forth coupling and broke our hearts with news of Kyle cheating. And now it seems they are officially kaput. But don't worry; Maci has Bentley forever.

16. Jenelle Smacked Snooki on Twitter -- Come on Jenelle, the last person you want to piss off is Snooki! But the Teen Mom bashed the Jersey Shore star's parenting ... off of a RUMOR.

17. Jenelle Got a Boob Job -- And of course we heard ALL about it.

18. Chelsea Houska Was Going to Do Playboy -- Thank goodness this turned out to be fake, but the rumor was enough to get everyone up in arms.

OK, what did we miss? What crazy moments from the Teen Mom crew are still on your mind?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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