Jenelle Evans Tweets About the End of the World & It's (Almost) Not Crazy!

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle contemplates the Mayan prophecy?
December 21, 2012 is a day that many people, including (apparently) Teen Mom Jenelle Evans, are anxiously awaiting, believing that a Mayan prophecy predicted the end of the world on that day. If you believe that kind of thing, it's a frightening concept, but lucky for all of us, Evans has figured out that we have nothing to fear.

Whew. That was a close one.

The star tweeted out a "don't worry, we totally aren't going to all die, we are just going to have a massive 3-day blackout" missive in the form of a Twitter photo. Because the Mayans totally knew about electricity, yo. This whole thing is ridiculous, and if even Jenelle Evans knows the world isn't ending, we all need to CHILLAX.


This whole end of the world thing does have a lot of people uneasy. Maybe for good reason. If the world really IS ending, Evans has a whole lot of pot to smoke. Oh wait, she doesn't do that anymore. Right? Right?

Does that "pact" still hold even if the world is ending?

Truth be told, I do hope Evans' tweet brings some comfort. It's a silly thing, but some people really are taking this Mayan prophecy seriously. Maybe if they see Evans' post, they won't immediately spend all their money, smoke all their drugs, or euthanize their pets as people have done during past apocalyptic predictions.

The reality is most people probably don't get their news or their advice from Jenelle. She is notoriously unreliable and unstable. But on this one thing, she is being somewhat rational, so we should listen.

The end of the world isn't coming next week, people. And if the worst that happens is a three-day blackout thanks to the Earth entering the Photonic belt (as Jenelle's post suggests), then so be it. At least we will still be alive! Don't kill your plants yet, people!

Do you think the world is going to end on December 21?


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