'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Leah Calvert's Fast Marriage Makes Sense Now

Teen Mom 2One of the things that is great about Teen Mom 2 versus other reality shows is that the stories tend to be told in their entirety. Of course, this can also sometimes mean stories get old, and one prime example of this is the relationship between Chelsea Houska and her baby daddy, Adam.

Seriously, WHY is she still crying over this deadbeat loser sack of poop? He has been nothing but rude and hateful to both her and Aubrey, and the only person who seems to care about Chelsea's well being is her father. It's infuriating to watch her go back to him again and again and watch the same scenario play out again and again.

Maybe this is the last time, but I doubt it. That was sort of the theme of tonight -- maybe it's the last time. But I doubt it.


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There was Jenelle Evans making a "pact" not to smoke marijuana (is it REALLY that hard just not to smoke?), and she was in trouble with the law and narrowly staying out of jail.

Kailyn was continuing her drama with Jordan, too afraid to dump him, too annoyed to keep him.

Then, of course, there was Leah. We all know what happens with Leah. We all know she marries her Lance Bass lookalike Jeremy Calvert and the two are pregnant within the year. But watching their courtship is fascinating.

It's obvious he is way, WAY into her. He flirts with her, smiles at her, takes her on dates, and obviously just adores her. But one of the saddest parts of the episode came when he sent her flowers for her first day at school.

The gesture was sweet, but what Leah said was just awful. "No one has ever bought me flowers before." She is a mother of two and no one has ever bought her flowers. That just breaks my heart. Before you even think about a man in a romantic way, flowers are part of the deal. Meanwhile she is having some guy's babies with no flowers? No wonder she married Jeremy.

That was sort of the OTHER theme of the night, one man after the other behaving badly, from Jace's "dad" who no one has heard from in a year to Chelsea's "boyfriend." What is wrong with these boys?

The men on Teen Mom 2 need to grow up.

Do you think flowers are THAT big a deal?


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