'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kenya Moore's Antics in Anguilla Aren't Cute

Kenya MooreAfter Kim Zolciak's abrupt departure last week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we picked up with the ladies all sitting at the table in her wake this week. There were perhaps a few hurt feelings that she was snubbing them, but there were no tears or real sadness. In fact, NeNe Leakes pretty well seemed to sum up the group's feelings when she said, "Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you -- right up that ass."

Then it was off to gorgeous Anguilla with the whole crew, including the last-minute addition of new girl Porsha Stewart and her husband, Kordell Stewart. Kenya Moore, who invited herself and her boyfriend, Walter, completely ignored Porsha, then quickly made the trip all about her. If you thought she was a diva before, tonight she showed us we hadn't seen even a fraction of her whiny, narcissistic, overbearing self.


As much as I hate to think reality TV isn't "real" (I know, I know), in this case, I really hope she's playing a part. She's flat-out crazy, and if I were Walter, I'd be running far and fast before she somehow tricks him into marrying her.

From having a fit that her gorgeous room didn't have a bathtub and was too small to pretty much begging Walter to marry her, she is like a petulant child. Then she went and started to mess Phaedra Parks' man, Apollo, and that's just not going to end up anywhere good.

She's an attention whore and a relentless flirt, and I wouldn't put anything past her. I think she wants a ring on her finger, and she doesn't really care if it's from a man who's already put one on a friend's finger or not. She's one of the most unlikable Housewives of all time already, and she's only been on a few weeks now. Usually it takes them awhile to get this bad.

Phaedra brought out the big buns guns when she put her donkey booty out in its full glory while sporting a thong and a barely-there sarong. Even that, however, wasn't enough to keep Kenya in check, and when she asked Phaedra which two of her friends she'd let Apollo have sex with, Phaedra, the southern belle, about lost it.  There's definitely room for some harmless flirting among friends and spouses, but there are limits, and Kenya pushed those limits, then kept going with no sign of stopping.

Previews show her losing it big time and getting into a screaming argument with NeNe, who's pretty much the only person she hadn't pissed off yet. We heard NeNe Leakes saying, "Kendra just went all sorts of Koo Koo," and we can only imagine what that means for next week. Hold onto your weaves, indeed.

If anyone was worried about Kim's departure dampening the drama, I think their worries were put soundly to rest tonight. Kim who?

What did you think of Kenya's behavior in Anguilla? Innocent flirting or way too much?


Image via Bravo

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