'Sister Wives' Recap: Christine 'Didn't Know Men Could Be' WHAT?! (VIDEO)

sister wivesOkay, okay: Kody Brown isn't so bad ... for a polygamist. That's what we learned on tonight's episode of Sister Wives. The Sister Wives themselves, on the other hand, learned that some polygamists ARE so bad. Soooo bad. Because the Brown teens took it upon themselves to do a little pro-polygamy PR and hang with these other teens who ran away from THEIR polygamist families, and boy, did they ever hear some stories! Horrible stories. Not, however, all that surprising (at least for anyone who's ever seen an episode of Big Love): Controlling, distant, abusive father figures with 27 wives (seriously, no exaggeration); young girls in those creepy puffy-shouldered dresses being married off to still creepier old men. But you know what's weird? The Sister Wives DID seem surprised by the teens' stories. Huh?! How is that even possible?!


The entire Brown family seemed completely blown away by the fact that some dads just plain don't stick around. (Any kind of dad, not just polygamist dads.) Christine was so shocked she had a complete breakdown over the realization:

"I didn't know until this stupid trip ... It kills me thought they looked at polygamy as a blessing, not a tool to control ... I didn't know men could be bastards!"


Um, wow. That's just ... wow.

Anywhoooo ... the runaways aren't in those horrible situations anymore, thanks to an organization dedicated to helping people escape from abusive polygamist families called Holding Out HELP, but yikes ... those poor kids clearly have some serious baggage. Still, they learned something, too: Some dads actually do stick around.

Does it surprise you that the Sister Wives were surprised by the runaways' stories?

Image via TLC

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