'Bachelorette' Has-Beens Trista & Ryan Sutter Are Obviously Jealous of Newlyweds Ashley & J.P.

trista and ryanTrista and Ryan Sutter are the perfect example of how once you go Bachelor, you never go back. These two OGs of the unavoidable dating series have been milking their 15 minutes for almost a decade now, and, as much as I heart their cute little made in TV love story, it's time for them to go bye-bye. Trista and Ryan, however, would beg to differ -- Mrs. Sutter revealed that they're contemplating doing a televised ABC special for their 10-year wedding anniversary next year.

For the love of all things self-respecty, please, no.


It's just too much. They're the couple that refuses to just grow old together out of the spotlight, and I'm sure if they had it their way, ABC would sign them up for not only the 10-year anniversary special, but their 20th, 30th, 40th, and 50th, as well -- it'll be really sweet when Chris Harrison sits up straight in his wheelchair and pronounces them man and wife for the sixth. goddamn. time.

Who knows, maybe Trista and Ryan are starting to feel a little threatened by newlyweds Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum's wedding and want to make sure fans still know they exist. Ashley and J.P. are like the younger, better looking, and more relevant version of Trista and Ryan ... plus, Ash and J.P. actually have a chance at long-haul happiness, as well, crouching in on a territory that Trista and Ryan have held privately, until now.

But, if you ask me, Tryan (how fitting!) need to stop tryin' to be all up in The Bachelor scene. They should let the new kids take it from here, and should take comfort and solace in the private shadows of real, untelevised life.

It's better on this side of the camera, trust me.

Do you want to see more of Trista and Ryan, or less?


Photo via anthony quintano/Flickr

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